Robots have crashed your pizza party and challenged you to a contest! The winners get to eat your pizza! You and your friends must work together to solve a series of tasks. After each task the robots will eat some slices of pizza. Number of slices eaten depends on your group’s performance on the task.

This is a cooperative game - players must work together as a team to succeed. This is a “pick-and-pass” game - players pick a card, pass their cards left, & repeat.

Players get points for collecting different combinations of robots. But because this is a cooperative game, you cannot only think about your own points. You must also think about how your card selection affects players downstream from you. Selecting a specific card might help you a little, but it might help a player one or two positions to your left even more. But then again, you aren’t entirely sure what players downstream from you are collecting, and they can't tell you. You have to make an educated guess!

If you would like to purchase copies of the game, email me at steve @ . Only available in USA.  Payment via Venmo. One copy: cost is $12 + $3.50 shipping.  Two copies: $11/copy + $4.50 shipping.  Three to five copies: $10/copy + $5.50 shipping. Six or more copies: $9/copy + $6 shipping.

How to Play

  • Place the 8 pizza cards pizza-side up in a circle in the middle of the table.
  • Deal each player 5 robot cards
  • Player to the dealer’s left selects a card and lays it down face up in front of them so everyone can see.
  • Next player then selects a card from their hand and lays it down in front of them.
  • Play proceeds clockwise.
  • After all players have selected a card, all players pass their un-played cards to the left.
  • Repeat. After everyone picks a second card, pass hands again. Repeat until each player has 4 cards face up in front of them. Last card in each player’s hand is discarded.
  • Score each player’s hand according to point system in instructions.
  • Calculate the group’s score. The group’s score varies by task. Sometimes this will be the sum of all players’ scores. Sometimes it will be the difference between the highest score and the lowest score.
  • Look up how many pieces of pizza you have lost on the task’s “Slices of Pizza Lost” table.  Flip that many pizza cards over to reveal robots eating your pizza.
  • Deal again and play three more tasks. How much pizza do you have left after Task #4?  5+ slices = “Awesome Teamwork!” 3-4 slices = “Pretty Good”, 1-2 slices = “Guess you won’t starve!” 0 slices = “Happy, Stuffed Robots!” Fewer than 0 slices left = “Go Buy the Robots Another Pizza!”

For more details see original Kickstarter page External link opens in new tab or windowhere.


  • Sheets to help calculating score can be downloaded here.
  • A video showing how to play the game is here.
  • Instruction booklet is here.
  • If instruction booklet is too small to read, larger font instructions can be found here .

After you have tried the original game, below are some potential game variations:
  • Everyone plays their cards simultaneously instead of one at a time. This makes the game more difficult because you do not have information of cards played before you in that round.
  • On the first round of each task, each player selects 2 of the 5 cards to keep. This allows players to signal intent on their first pick of what they intend to collect or whether they are going for a high score or low score. In the original game, clear intent can often not be signaled until the second card is picked.
  • If you are playing with four players, include cards 1-6 instead of just 1-5. This means there are 4 cards that are not used creating more uncertainty.
  • Deal each player 8 cards. On their turn, each player picks a card to keep and picks a second card to discard. Notes: This variation only works for 2-4 players. With 4 players, use all cards.  With 3 players, use cards 1-6.  With 2 players, use cards 1-4.


Artwork by Angela Trusock (External link opens in new tab or window